How to Avoid Roaming Charges With eSIM

26 September 2023

Roaming vs eSim

In a world that's more connected than ever, international travel no longer means severing ties with your digital world. However, staying connected while abroad has historically come at a steep cost due to international roaming charges. Enter eSIM, a revolutionary technology that can help you avoid those dreaded roaming fees while still enjoying the benefits of connectivity. In this guide, we'll show you how to avoid roaming charges by using eSIM.

What is eSIM?

Before we delve into the ways eSIM can help you avoid roaming charges, let's briefly understand what eSIM is. eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a tiny electronic chip embedded in your device, like your smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards that you insert and remove, eSIMs are built into the device's hardware and can be programmed with multiple mobile plans from different carriers.

1. Research eSIM-Compatible Carriers:

The first step in avoiding roaming charges with eSIM is to research and identify eSIM-compatible carriers. Check if your home carrier supports eSIM, and if it does, inquire about their eSIM plans. Additionally, find out which local carriers in the country you plan to visit offer eSIM services. Having options ensures you can select the most cost-effective plan for your needs.

2. Choose a Local eSIM Plan:

Once you arrive at your destination, instead of activating costly international roaming with your home carrier, purchase a local eSIM plan from a carrier in the host country. These plans often offer more data at lower prices compared to international roaming rates. Plus, you'll have the advantage of a local number, making it easier for local contacts to reach you.

Regional eSIM bundles

3. Activate Your eSIM:

Activating an eSIM is typically a straightforward process. Your device's settings menu should have an option for "Cellular" or "Mobile Data" where you can add a cellular plan. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the QR code provided by the local carrier or manually enter the activation details they provide. Your device will switch to the local network, and you'll be ready to go.

4. Manage Multiple eSIMs:

One of the most significant advantages of eSIM technology is its ability to manage multiple mobile plans simultaneously. If your device supports dual-SIM functionality, you can keep your home carrier's eSIM active alongside the local eSIM, allowing you to receive calls and messages from both numbers. This flexibility ensures you stay connected without compromising convenience.

5. Monitor Data Usage:

While eSIM can save you a considerable amount of money compared to international roaming, it's essential to keep an eye on your data usage. Many local eSIM plans offer high data allowances, but it's still wise to use Wi-Fi when available and disable background data for apps that you don't need during your travels. This helps ensure you don't exceed your data cap and incur additional charges.

6. Remove and Switch eSIMs as Needed:

eSIM's flexibility allows you to switch between plans or remove them when you no longer need them. Once your trip is over, simply deactivate the local eSIM, remove it from your device, and switch back to your home carrier's eSIM.

In conclusion, eSIM technology offers a convenient and cost-effective way to avoid roaming charges while traveling internationally. By researching compatible carriers, choosing local eSIM plans, and managing your eSIMs effectively, you can stay connected without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to the days of hefty roaming bills and embrace the freedom and flexibility that eSIM has to offer on your next adventure.

In order to cehck the phones that are currenltly supported with eSIM, we created this list to help you determine whether your smartphone can accept an eSIM.


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