How can an eSIM be removed from an iPhone?

17 October 2022

You might wish to take an eSIM card out of your iPhone after installing it and using it to access the internet. As there is no drawback to retaining the eSIM on your phone, you don't need to delete it. However, here's how to erase it if you want to for any reason:

Can an eSIM be removed from an iPhone

What you should know before deleting an eSIM from your iPhone:

  • Cancelling a data plan and removing an eSIM from your iPhone are two different things. Speak with the eSIM provider to terminate an active data plan if you no longer require it. Removing the eSIM does not automatically terminate the plan; you may continue to be billed.
  • You cannot reinstall the eSIM after deleting it.

How to remove an iPhone eSIM:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular and Mobile Data.
  2. To delete an eSIM, tap on it and choose "Remove cellular plan."
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