Do I need an unlocked phone to activate the eSIM?

24 November 2022

Yes, in order for the eSIM to function, your smartphone needs to be unlocked (i.e., not locked to a particular network provider).

What exactly is a "locked" phone?

Your cell phone is not locked to any one particular mobile network if it is unlocked.

It may be stipulated in the contract that you can only use a SIM card from that provider if you purchased your phone from a particular network (such as AT&T or Verizon). Customers are therefore unable to switch networks without having to pay for their phones.

How can I determine whether my phone is unlocked?

You can find out if your phone is unlocked in a few different ways.

It's fairly simple to do this if you have an Apple phone.

Here are the steps to take if you are using iOS 14.

Check the settings on iOS 14

With iOS 14, you may check the settings to see if your phone is unlocked. Simply click "Settings" and then "General." Then select "About." When "Carrier Lock" is next to "No SIM restrictions," your phone will be unlocked.

Change your SIM card.

The best approach to determine if your phone is unlocked if you don't have an iPhone running iOS 14 is to use a different SIM card.

Take a SIM card from a friend or member of your family and put it in your phone. You will typically find your SIM card in the side of your smartphone, and to remove it, you will need a paper clip or SIM card remover.

Try to make a call or utilize mobile data once you've put the new SIM card in your handset. If it functions, your handset is unlocked and is now ready to accept alternative SIM cards. Your phone is most likely connected to a particular provider if you receive an error message.

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