How to Configure the Samsung Galaxy for an eSIM?

17 October 2022

We'll go through how to configure an eSIM on a Samsung Galaxy in this post. On your Samsung Galaxy, setting up an eSIM should just take a few minutes.


configure Samsung Galaxy for eSIM


What you'll need for a Samsung Galaxy to activate an eSIM is:

  • You must have bought an eSIM plan, which you may do right away.
  • You ought to have gotten a QR code after making the transaction, often known as an activation code.
  • Internet access
  • a Samsung product supporting eSIM


When should I activate my eSIM before a trip?

Don't configure your eSIM too soon. Each data plan for eSIMs has a set number of days that are tied to it. Start the plan slowly so that it will endure the duration of your trip.

We advise setting up the data plan the day before your trip.

If you are still at home, this could be right before you depart. or when you get to your final destination. You decide how to do this, just keep in mind that WiFi connection is required to finish the setup.

To avoid being rushed, you might wish to set up the eSIM earlier than this. However, keep in mind that you cannot halt the plan once the eSIM is configured, thus the remaining days of validity will begin to run out.

Simply deduct the length of the plan from the final day you'll need it to determine the earliest day you can set up your eSIM.

If you have a 15-day eSIM and require it until July 15th, for instance, you can set it up starting on July 1st, even if you're still at home on that day.


How to add an eSIM to your Samsung Galaxy You can also just follow to these steps:


1. Open Settings and select Connections.

2. Visit SIM Card Manager; a list of your current SIM cards will appear.

3. Click on Add Mobile Plan.

4. Click Add plan utilizing QR code.

5. Your camera will open when you scan the QR code.

6. It will download immediately, and your SIM card management should show that it has been installed.


How to use your Samsung Galaxy's eSIM


1. Open the SIM Card Manager by going to Settings > Connections.

2. Locate the esimdata SIM card, then turn it on.

3. Enable mobile data by selecting it from Settings > Connections > Data Usage.

4. Enable data roaming by selecting it from Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks.

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