When will the eSIM data plan be activated?

17 October 2022

The eSIM data plan starts as soon as you activate it on your phone.

You must scan a QR code to install the eSIM. The data plan is not started as a result of this. However, after scanning, the eSIM will be downloaded and you will be able to activate it.

When will the eSIM data plan be activated

If you leave the eSIM deactivated (turned off), the plan will not start and you will not lose any days from the plan's duration. When you're ready, you can turn it on.

When you activate the eSIM, the number of days in the plan begins to count down.


Should I only purchase an eSIM when I intend to use it?

No. You can purchase an eSIM at any time. You can wait as long as you want after purchasing to scan the QR code. Purchasing an eSIM does not initiate the plan.


When should I begin using my eSIM data plan?


Activate your eSIM on the same day you travel.

Assume you're going to Mexico from March 1st to March 15th. You have 15 days to use your Mexico eSIM. If you begin your eSIM plan on March 1st, it will last for the duration of your trip.

However, if you began it on April 30th, the 15 days would expire before the trip was completed.

If your eSIM plan is longer than the length of your trip (e.g., 1 5 day eSIM for a 12 day trip), you can set up the eSIM a few days ahead of time.

Just be careful not to activate so early that your data plan expires before your trip.


What if I activate my eSIM before arriving at my destination?

If you activate an eSIM before arriving at your destination, nothing bad happens; just keep in mind that you won't be able to use it.

Because the eSIM can only be used in the country or region specified, it cannot be used for mobile data at home.

The days in the plan will begin to run out as usual once you activate the eSIM in your domestic country. Since you won't be able to access the network, you won't lose any of the data related to the plan.

With one exception, if you are within the service region and using a multi-country eSIM (such one of our offers for Europe or Asia), the eSIM will be able to connect to the internet before you arrive at your destination.

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