Manual Network Configuration on Smartphone

18 April 2023

If you are experiencing poor connection quality on a certain network, we recommend that you manually search for and select an alternative network. You will only be able to get an internet connection on the network(s) we offer a service on.


Apple I-phone / I-pad


1. Go to "Settlings"


Step 1


2. Tap "Cellular / Mobile Data"


Step 2


3. Select the SIM you want to configure > Ensure "Turn On This Line" is on >  Tap "Network Selection"


Step 3


4. Disable "Automatic"


Step 4


5. Choose the network you wish to connect to 


Step 5


6. Your are now connected to the selected network.


Step 6




1. Tap "Settings"


Step 1 Android


2. Scroll down, tap "Connections"


Step 2 Android


3. Tap "Mobile Networks"


Step 3 Android


4. Tap "Network Operators"


Step 4 Android


5. Select a SIM, in this example SIM 1


Step 5 Android


6. Disable "Select Automatically"


Step 6 Android


7. If this screen appears, tap "OK


Step 7 Android


8. You are now connected to the selected network


Step 8 Android

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