Which is Better - an eSIM or a Traditional SIM Card?

14 October 2022

eSIM or a traditional SIM card


We advise contemporary travelers to purchase an eSIM. Why?

These are an eSIM's primary benefits:


  • Simple to purchase, with email delivery immediately
  • You only need to scan a QR code to activate.
  • No commitments or subscriptions; only one one-time fee
  • Usually less expensive than a physical SIM card
  • Environmentally friendly with no chance of eSIM loss or damage


A significant technological advancement, SIM cards make it simple to switch between phones without having to change your plan or number.


Phone companies pushed to shrink SIM cards further as they became the norm.


That procedure has now achieved its pinnacle with the eSIM. Your cell phone has a tiny chip inside called a "eSIM." You may activate and erase it simply clicking a button instead of inserting and removing it!

North america eSIM bundles


The eSIM has one drawback - Insufficient compatibility


See if your mobile device is supported here.


It's time to buy if your device is compatible. eSIMs are becoming more and more commonplace. Avoid missing out! To stay connected when traveling, use an eSIM.

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