My QR Code is Not Functioning. How Should I Proceed?

14 October 2022

You may have problems scanning your QR code for a variety of reasons.


QR code is not functioning


To find the issue, look at the following checklist:

Is your phone eSIM compatible?

Move on to the next step if you've previously verified that your phone is compatible.

If you're unsure, see our list of eSIM compatible phones, which is updated frequently. You must ensure that your phone is unlocked if it appears on the list.

Your phone was discovered to be incompatible? Contact us, and we'll work to resolve the issue.


Are you scanning from the settings menu on your phone?

The QR code cannot be scanned using the camera on your phone. In order for your phone to recognize that you are scanning an eSIM, you must go to the settings menu and perform the proper steps.

Follow the instructions for your device to learn more about how to configure eSIM:

An easy instalation quide for iOS devices can be found on this guide for eSIM installation on iOS devices.

An easy instalation quide for Android devices can be found on this guide for eSIM installation on Android devices.

Do you have WiFi access?

Without WiFi, an eSIM cannot be installed.

You won't be able to correctly scan the QR code if WiFi is not enabled.

To ensure a stable WiFi connection while traveling, we advise setting up an eSIM at home. However, you shouldn't activate your eSIM (i.e. set it as the mobile data option) until you reach your destination.


Try manually configuring the eSIM

If the QR code still won't scan, there might be an issue with the camera on your phone.

Each eSIM contains an activation reference number that you can utilize.

With us, the reference number and QR code are sent in the same email.

Instead of scanning the QR code when requested, select "Enter details manually." After that, you'll be asked to provide the reference number (sometimes called the ICCD).


The eSIM QR code has already been scanned?

A single scan of an eSIM QR code is permitted. If you attempt to scan it more than once, it won't work, and you can see a notice that reads, "Data plan cannot be added."

You should check your SIM card manager/cellular settings to see whether the eSIM is already installed on your phone because it is possible.

Use our website to get in touch with us if the eSIM hasn't been set up.


If your eSIM QR code is still invalid

You should get in touch with us directly through our website if you've tried the aforementioned techniques and still can't scan the QR code. We answer as promptly as we can and provide our customers with service around-the-clock.

In order to cehck the phones that are currenltly supported with eSIM, we created this list of eSIM compatible phones to help you determine whether your smartphone can accept an eSIM.

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